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Permanent Makeup:

Permanent cosmetics can make you look naturally more beautiful with the convenience of not having to apply and re-apply makeup daily. A Perfect Look specializes in Permanent makeup procedures for the Island Of Maui in Hawaii.

Tattoo Removal:

A Perfect Look is now using Tattoo Vanish®. Tattoo Vanish® is the safest and most effective way of removing or lightening unwanted tattoos. There is less pain involved as well as 50% to 75% fewer treatments needed than other tattoo removal methods. It is an all natural formula and is far less expensive than other methods.

Tattoo Vanish® removes ALL pigment colors and leaves skin intact. A Perfect Look can correct poor work from a previous permanent makeup procedure or an unwanted color choice, and correct it the right way, instead of just trying to camouflage by covering up. Body art tattoos are a very popular thing these days and a lot of people have tattoo regret. If you are one of these people, there is help for you at an affordable price. Call for a free consultation, after all, you have nothing to lose but your tattoo.

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