This is a 4 day Beginner course which includes both classroom and at home study work hours. Our beginner Shading brow class teaches the art of designing brows using the Powder fill/ shading technique using the Machine method. We keep a small class size of 1-2 students. You will study individual unique shapes and patterns and will learn how to apply the pigments properly. We teach the importance of proper application using a PMU machine method, technique, proper depth of application, needle configurations and their usage. You will learn risks involved and to avoid as well as color theory for permanent cosmetics application.

Shaded Powder filled brows are also referred to as Powder brows, Ombre, Shading, and Cosmetic Tattooing to name a few. This method has become extremely popular in the past year. You will learn brow designs based on facial structure, skin anatomy, business protocol, marketing, forms of advertising and business ethics. We will also cover Blood Borne Pathogen and importance of Sanitation, sterilization, topical anesthetics, their uses and skin preparation and aftercare treatment.

This is a course designed for the Beginner in the permanent makeup industry and requires NO previous training. You will graduate with a 4 day course of study and receive a Certificate of completion. We require an OSHA approved blood borne pathogen (BBP) certification online before the first day of class. The list of certified websites will be provided to you after enrollment. Fee is approximately $25.

This Beginner class must be taken before any further advanced classes are taken unless you already have a beginner certification and have met all of the requirements of a beginner course. The tuition for the beginner Powder/ombre course is $3800 for 4 full days of training which includes a machine, practice material, home study, training on live models and ongoing support. A complete eyebrow Kit, Shading Machine, Supplies and ongoing support valued at over $ 600 will be included in the class to start you off on your new business !

This course requires a non-refundable deposit of $200 which is due upon registration. The remaining fees can be put into a payment plan. Tuition must be paid in full 30 days prior to the start of class.

Meals, Drinks and Snacks are Included.

2018 classes: Please call (888) 579-5995 to inquire as our class dates may have changed.

*More 2019 Classes will be posted soon!!!

OCTOBER 16-20   2018
JANUARY 22-26   2019
MARCH 25-30   2019