February 28, 2018

Best microblading course hands down! I’ve had the best experience possible with Kim and am so greatful to have had found this class. I’ve learned so much in the 4 days I was there and it couldn’t have been better! They are most down to earth, sweetest people ever and I regret it not one bit!!! This class was challenging but very informative at the same time. I’ve learned so much and have come such a long way from my first day at the academy but I’m humbled and so so greatful to say I have successfully completed this course and graduated with a certificate in eyebrow (microstroking/microblading) techniques. I highly recommended this course or any of her courses to anyone ready for a challenge and up to change people’s lives. Thank you so much to the two wonderful ladies who instilled so much knowledge in me, who helped turn my dreams to reality and helped guide me throughout this process! You are now my ‘Ohana. No matter what they will always be there for me to count on! And that’s what matters most!