Permanent Eyebrows

A PERFECT LOOK’s eyebrow artistry uses the most realistic technique available to create or replace missing eyebrows for men and women. Our “Soft tap” technique is a combination of art and science using the finest quality pigments, state of the art equipment and topical anesthetics available in the market today to effectively enhance your own natural brow hair. The missing hair is visually replaced by tapping pigment into the areas of the brow where the client is missing hair. Each client receives customized artistry designed to correct, reshape or restore their brows into a more pleasing facial feature. This service is ideal for partial or total hair loss. The finished brows look completely natural and requires no further cosmetic enhancement. A 4 week follow-up visit is included with each new procedure.

We specialize in correcting brow and eyeliner shape or/and colors that had been done previously by other artist. A free consultation is recommended.

Take a look at some of our Before and After photos below!