Tattoo Removal

At A Perfect Look, We can remove tattoos in 50-70% less treatments than LASER.

Unlike other removal methods, our tattoo removal process is less painful and less expensive than LASER. While there are other NON-LASER methods available, our tattoo removal is the ONLY, ALL NATURAL (no acids, non-toxic) product and procedure available.

A Perfect Look is the only clinic in Hawaii that has over 3 years of experience of safely removing unwanted tattoos with our NON-LASER removal systems. Our removal process is customized to meet the individual needs of our clients. A consultation is recommended prior to any removal service to help us better assist you with the removal process, based on your skin type; ethnic heritage, age of tattoo, location of tattoo and type of artistry. Most tattoos will require more than one treatment.

Take a look at some of our Before and After photos below!